Achilles Deluxe Slots

We are all familiar with the saying when in Rome, but when in Greece, it is probably a good idea to gamble. At least that is the impression we are left with after playing this game. It is a nice change of pace from the usual ancient Greece style of slot. The art style is leagues above the rest, and the mechanics are there to match. If you are looking for a high budget, immersive experience, and want something a little older, this is a perfect fit.

About the Game

You will find no better looking game in the Greek genre than this one. It takes its stylings from feature films, having high-level quality artwork and character portraits. It looks like they took 3d models and painted on top of that. We don't say that as an insult, as the results speak for themselves. It's probably one of the best looking games we've seen. If we were to say one thing about the mechanics, that would probably be standard. Not necessarily a bad thing, but puts everything on the art style.

Slot Game Mechanics

The mechanics of the game are what you would expect from the provider. Across five reels, you can bet on 30 lines, with a progressive jackpot, and a somewhat mediocre bonus round. You can bet from pennies to dollars, at least as far as the coin size goes. The Maximum bet that you can make it any one time tops out at $100. This is in USD. From there, everything else is what you see. There aren't any hidden features or anything of that kind. Just the nice graphics, and a good chance of winning the jackpot.

Demo Play

You can play the demo mode if you don't want to risk any money. It is what is on offer by default. Of all the different ways to play, this will probably be your first. You can decide if you like this historical game or not based on that alone. You have unlimited coins to use, letting you get a good feel about whether or not this game is for you. We personally start all games in demo mode because it instantly activates. If only for that, we think that everyone will probably try it.


This is a historical game from the times of what we think is into Greece. You have Achilles, Helen of troy, Troy himself, and various other people. If that's not around that time, we're not sure what we're looking at! It's tempting to call it Roman, but we're not sure if that is technically accurate. All of those things look similar, however, because of the love that the ancient Romans have for Greek culture and Greece itself.

Game Design

This game is designed to let you sit back and enjoy the way that it works. That's not necessarily an insult to it, but more of a statement of fact. It's not one that they took a lot of time to make interesting when it comes to the game play. If you have played almost any other slot machine game, you have played this one. There is a fairly high about for the Maximum bet, being $100, but that is the headline feature here. Go in expecting a well-made and pretty standard game. Do not go in expecting something that is going to while you with how well it plays, only how well it looks.

Bonus Round

The bonus round here is the wild free games future. As the title suggests, you will get free spins, and it will add wilds to the playing field. Getting both at the same time is a nice touch. It's not a jackpot, but considering there is a progressive jackpot over the whole game, we don't necessarily need something more complicated than that. We particularly enjoy how well the graphics look with the bonus round active. It is a nice attention to detail that they didn't have to do, but chose to for our benefit.

Slot Game Rating

We would rate this game highly, being at the top of the Greek themed games. There are some Egyptian theme games that we would rank higher, but only because they did quite a bit better on the graphics. This one is still the champion of the Greek theme, however, it stands quite tall over many in the historical genre.

Play for Fun

If you don't want to lose any money but want to get a history lesson, you can do that with this game without missing anything. You will default to demo mode, and then be instantly playing to your hearts content. If you play for long enough, you can get a good idea about whether or not you should have been betting the whole time. We actually recommend starting with betting pennies, at least then, you won't lose much, and have a chance of actually winning something.

Play for Real Money

If you want to put down some cash, they will give you cash in return, it's only a matter of time. The return to player here is around 96 to 97%. That's pretty good, and about standard. If you keep playing, you also have a chance to win the progressive jackpot, which is always overhead. Play for long enough, and you are sure to win based on statistics alone!

Mobile Play for Android / iOS

Although the Greeks didn't have iPhones and iPads, we do, and this game was designed with those in mind. You can tell that the layout was made to fit Apple screens in particular. If you have a longer phone, it still looks good, but there will be a little bit of wasted space around the edges. The network connection also doesn't matter so much because of how good of a job they did when I came to optimize and programming the connection with the website itself.