Cash Bandits Slots

This is the first of the trilogy that put game's developer on the map. Featuring a Looney Toones style of drawing with a nice theme of stealing and good bonus rounds, this game made the modern slot machines online. It created the entire genre, everything else following from it. If you want to see you the magnum opus of slot machine games online, it is this!

About the Game

This is a heist themed game that is five reels, has a progressive jackpot, and is wonderful look to it. It is the money game that set the stage for all the rest. The success of this game has gone on to spawn three unique sequels. All of them play about the same. This one is look back on fondly by most people because it was the first, but the other entries are not at all bad. We prefer the third, but this is the place at all got started. If you had to play just one, you should probably start with this one to better enjoy the rest.

Slot Game Mechanics

The game mechanics your simple, but no less fun. With five reels on the board, you keep spinning and playing for as long as you can until you win. The progressive jackpot is everyone's favorite feature, ours included. There is also a nice bonus round involving vaults which we will detail further later. You can bet across 25 lines, which became the industry standard partly because of this game itself. It is simple in presentation and rightfully so because it was one of the original slot machine Games Online.

Demo Play

You don't have to take anyone else's word for it to decide whether or not you like this game. You can take it upon yourself to enjoy it in demo mode. Here, you will be able to play the game without having to spend any money. Because everything is essentially a demo, you will be easily drawn into it because you are not risking any money. Eventually we think everyone will be trying to bet real money, but it's a good starting point!


The theme of this game is a bank heist. Technically, they don't go too much into what was stolen, and it is easy to assume that it was from a bank. This game involves stealing of all kinds, however, with cops and robbers chasing one another. We enjoy it, and think that it is a perfect metaphor for why we play games of this kind.

Of note is that, because this is a serious, you can track how it progresses overtime throughout the different entries. It has somewhat of an over arching story to it, although that is not needed to understand or appreciate it. You can simply enjoy the series at any single point without worrying about what you missed. If you play them all, however, you will see his crime spree progressing at the cops getting even angrier.

Game Design

This game was designed to be immersive, and easy to pick up. It's set the stage for all of the later games in terms of mechanics. The art style is also well designed, being far higher budget than anyone at the time was used to, ourselves included. You can tell why the series was successful, being both accessible and deep at the same time.

Bonus Round

The bonus round here is the vault feature. Here, you will be able to open one of many volts of your choosing. Based on which one you choose, you will be given different rewards. If you choose correctly, you can get a fairly good payout! If you chose poorly, at worst, you will maybe get some free spins. It's not all that bad, it makes failing the bonus round still feel like a win.

Slot Game Rating

This game is fairly popular in terms of slots. It ranks at 10 at the moment on this website. It is beat by other entries on the franchise, so we will consider them all together and say they are all popular. It is rare to have someone play games like these online and not have heard of this series, or have played it. If you wanted a single slot to start you off, you can pick no better than this!

Play for Fun

You don't have to have your money stolen by the casino if you simply want to try it. Or you can play unlimited plays and spins without having to lose any money. All you have to do is continue on in demo mode, acting as an instant play feature. It won't take any of your money and doesn't even require an account. If you are curious about what online slot machines started as, this is the best way to start. You can't even use some of their currency that they give you for free,

Play for Real Money

If you are courageous enough to win real money, then you will have to bet real money in return. This is in increments of your choosing, going, penny all the way up to dollars. You can at most bet about $6.25, which is low, but encourages more play throughs. The goal of this game is to win the progressive jackpot, so spinning more will reward you.

Mobile Play for Android / iOS

If you have a mobile device, you can play this game in its glory without missing out on anything. It works across all forms of network connections, and there's probably not a single phone or tablet that it won't run well on. Well we tried it on our Apple devices, and ask a friend to borrow their Google device, the game looked great and played even better. No matter what device you're playing the game on, it'll work well, and if it won't, but it's probably so old that you have bigger problems than gambling on the Internet!