IC Wins Slots

There aren't too many games on the market that look and play as good as this one. It hits it out of the park, looking just as good as it plays, being addictive in ways it has no right to be. It ranks among our favorite games in the genre. If we made a list of all of the most highly played slots, this would be near the top of ours. It has innovative mechanics, great graphics, and good winnings. If there are more things to be asked of a slot, we are not sure what they would be!

About the Game

This is one of those games that looks just as good as one of the movies that we used to go to before the pandemic. We could easily see ourselves going to a theater and sitting down to enjoy just how impressive the graphics are. It is also one of those games that, despite your best efforts, you have trouble pulling yourself away from. It has six reels, 343 lines to bet on, a holiday theme, and multiple jackpots. It's hard to compete with something like that!

Slot Game Mechanics

This game is simple, but still deep if you are willing to play long hours on it out. Because of the heightened number of reels, you have more ways to win and play. There are also a heightened number of lines to bet on, increasing your chances of winning geometrically. It might take some getting used to if you are not used to games of this kind, but that is part of the fun. You won't have to worry about spending time with it because you'll be drawn in immediately. It also has multiple bonus rounds, which is enough to keep you interested.

Demo Play

You can play the game without putting down any money and it will instantly start spinning. You will probably do this once you get the beautiful graphics in the corner of your eye. It's hard to break yourself away from, even if it's just going through demo mode. You will of course have no money added to your bank account after this, but given that it's such a fun game to look at and play, you still probably will feel like you won.


This game is named after the holidays, being a winter party that takes place with a Christmas theme with colorful characters and animals. Some of them look a little anger than they probably should, but we like that. Anything that conveys a lot of emotion is good in our book. It also has a snowy theme to it, which a lot of people enjoy whether or not it has any kind of holiday associations to it.

Game Design

This game is designed to be innovative in terms of the number of lines you can bet on, and the number of reels on display. Six reels is one higher than all of the standard games you'll see elsewhere. The number of lines being 343 also adds a lot to the fun. You can match things in so many different directions that you will sometimes be surprised and not notice it before the game does. The downside to this is that sometimes it can feel overwhelming, but as long as you keep spinning, you'll figure it out.

Bonus Round

There are two main bonus rounds here. The jackpot bonus pick feature is the one that you will love the most. Much like the other mini games of similar titles, it will allow you to select from a number of rewards and choose your favorite. Alongside of that it was a free spins bonus, which comes up more frequently, it will allow you to play for longer. We still enjoy both bonuses, and feel that if we had to pick between them, it will be the jackpot. You'll probably find it coming up sooner rather than later as you keep playing!

Slot Game Rating

This is one of the highest rated games on the site because it's art style is unmatched and it has a unique character to it. We think that of all the different games with a Christmas theme, this is the closest you will find to one that has a happy holiday look or feel to it. It almost looks like one of the older films, with a higher budget. It's unusual to describe slot games as having a higher budget than feature films, but based on the graphics, we think that is a fair assessment.

Play for Fun

You don't have to put down any money if you just wanna have a good time. Having fun is something to be proud of, and you can do that here without fear of losing any money. If you use demo mode, you could have as much fun as you want, while absolutely no risks. The funnest part about it is that, because it has a large number of reels, you will frequently be surprised with what you win.

Play for Real Money

Play for real money is where it is at if you would like to save up and buy a larger house. What you do with your winnings are up to you, but that's what we would do. The housing prices during the pandemic have dropped quite a bit, making it a great time to buy. Although we were told that if someone is selling for less, there's probably a reason!

Mobile Play for Android / iOS

If you are a fan of Steve Jobs or Eric Schmidt, by the way, we've got you covered here. All devices run this game flawlessly, and all 4K of its graphics look wonderful across devices. If you have a higher resolution screen on a Google device, it particularly sings. The color palette is vibrant, and perfectly suited to a device like that.