Bank on it Slots

Bank on It slots a classic slots game with three reels and one payline. Players can place one, two or three coins per spin using a variety of coin sizes with the maximum bet possible being $15. Symbols in the game include bars, cherries, different colored sevens and the piggy. Players may try out the game for as long as they want and when feeling confident enough to place real money bets, it is a simple switch over. This game is offered for both online and mobile casinos.

Piggy Bank Cash and High Payouts

The highest paying symbol is the red 7. All the potential payouts can be seen on the screen of the game with the red 7 awarding 1400 coins when a three-coin bet is placed and three line up on the payline. A two-coin bet will award the player 800 coins for three or the red 7's appearing and a single coin bet awards the player 400 coins. The piggy acts as a wild and can substitute for other symbols, helping to collect winning payouts. Three blanks on the payline awards the player a point in the piggy bank that accumulates amounts at the side of the screen. If the player is lucky enough to land three of the piggy bank symbols on the payline, i.e. three wilds, he will win the amount in the piggy bank. Bank on it slots is a simple clean and rewarding classic slots game.