Pharaoh's Gold Slots

Classic slots games are sometimes the most fun to play, they are easy and do not require much thought when placing bets. Pharaoh's Gold slots is one of the classic slots games that is easy to play and can be very rewarding. This game has three reels and three paylines. Players can place bets of one coin per line and use a variety of coin sizes with the largest bet possible being for three x $5 giving a total of $15 maximum bet.

High Egyptian Payouts

Symbols in this game include the ankh, the cobra, eye of Horus and scarab beetle in addition to Pharaoh. The highest payout is awarded when three of the Pharaoh symbols appear on the paylines. If three appear on paylines one and two the player is awarded 50 coins, on the third payline he receives the top award of 100 coins. All the payouts for the other symbols in the game are detailed on the screen of the game. Pharaoh's Gold is simple, easy clean historical fun.