5 Wishes Slots

If you miss the Disney movie but want to play it in slot machine form, this game has you covered! Being the same story but told with gambling, it has an out of this world art style, a unique identity, and a wonderful set of gameplay mechanics. We've never met somebody that didn't love this game. If we did, we probably stop talking to them. If you want to see why it is so well beloved and quite popular, read on!

About the Game

This is a lovingly illustrated game with professional artwork and game mechanics to back it up. It has two separate bonus rounds instead of the standard one or none. The coin sizes go all over the place. It also has a progressive jackpot. There isn't anything about this game that they left out. Even the user interface looks pretty good. If you like lovingly drawn images and the general Arabian nights style, this is the game for you.

Slot Game Mechanics

The mechanics of this game are simple, but everything you would want a slot. The progressive jackpot is the real star of the show here. The longer you play, the better chance you have of winning. Taken together with everything else, you get that across five reels, and on 25 different lines. They also have the different bonus rounds that we will go into more detail on later. The maximum bet is only $25, but that's more than enough here.

Demo Play

Demo play is exactly what it sounds like, only you're not limited at all in what you can experience. Play for as little or as long as you would like. It goes endlessly, and if you run out of coins, reload it and you'll start all over. The only difference here between this and the main game is that you're not betting any real money. Everything else is fully functional, including the wonderful gameplay mechanics, and the many bonus rounds.


The theme of this game is taken out of the Arabian nights and Aladdin. There is a young man in search of an artifact to summon a genie to make magic wishes from. He then wishes to be a prince, and tries to win over a princess that is way out of his league. All of the trappings of the usual Disney film are here, which they clearly took inspiration from. We do not mind, however, as it was a good movie. This game takes it above and beyond what the movie did, and we think they deserve credit for that.

Game Design

The game here has been designed to be immersive and simple. The main point is to keep you playing, which will give you a chance to win the progressive jackpot. It is designed around keeping you wildly interested with the different bonus rounds as well. The coin sizes starting off at only a penny are a lot of that. You can in theory bet a single penny every single time you spin, and have a chance to win the progressive jackpot. Your winnings will be limited for that reason, but you also have more chances. That is the big decision you will be making when it comes to betting, as to whether you will be paying longer, or winning more in a shorter period.

Bonus Round

The bonus rounds here are the genie magic wild feature, and the free games feature. The first feature will give you symbols that match with anything else on the board. It comes up far more often than the other feature. The free games feature, as you would imagine, gives you many spins as a reward for getting out. They both tend to come up often, but we prefer the genie feature a lot more.

Slot Game Rating

This game is highly rated on the website, probably because of how well-made it is. It ranks right up at the top like the greatest of hits. If we had to personally rate it, it's our favorite east Asia and middle eastern game, and also the best of the fairytale category. It has no competition there, even though the other games of the genre are quite well done too.

Play for Fun

If you don't want to waste any money, you're welcome to enjoy the game as if it were an animated film. One that is a little more lively because there's constant movement on the screen. You will not be getting real money for your trouble, but you'll be having real fun, which for some people is just as good! If you are interested in giving it a try, you'll start with this, whether or not you go on to put in real money afterwards.

Play for Real Money

If you have the courage to place real money on the table, you can up your chances of winning by 100%. There's no way to win for real without putting real money down. We recommend starting with pennies if you're nervous. You can play for longer, and increase your chances of the progressive jackpot. In theory, if you auto playing with mere pennies for long enough, you would eventually win. Many players do, which is why the progressive jackpot so frequently gets one of the names plastered on the site.

Mobile Play for Android / iOS

If you were on an iPhone or an iPad, or any kind of android-based tablet or mobile device, you can make wishes on the go to win real Money. We think that this game is perfectly suited for mobile players based on the high-resolution graphics and how well optimized it is to run on small screens. No matter where you are at the time, you can search for your genie, and hope he grants your wish. If we were to ask him for one wish while playing, it would be that progressive jackpot that we love and know you love too!