Shadow Gods Slots

It is no surprise that the best Egyptian theme slot machine came on the market has been brought to you by an innovative development team. It has a wonderfully dark graphic work, combined with good gameplay and decent jackpot. It's easily one of the best Egyptian games on the market, and certainly the best looking. If you are at all a fan of that time in world history, this is a game you certainly cannot miss!

About the Game

This is a five reel game with bonus round themed around ancient Egypt from an innovative development team. It has 20 lines in total here that you can bet on, with a maximum bet of $20. Allowing many increments to pay in, it is a game where any player can enjoy it. It is also a game with a skyhigh art budget, matched only by the creativity that went into putting together a game that combines a dark gritty look with the time of Moses.

Slot Game Developer

This game is brought to you by an innovative development team. There is no other developer or software platform out there that can match them in terms of their limitless production values, as well as their innovative bonus features. Of all of the different providers, if we could pick a favorite, it would be these devs.

Demo Play

If you want to play the game for free, you can spin immediately. This puts the game in demo mode, which offers instant play functionality. If you are uncertain whether or not it was worth your time and money, we recommend starting here.


As we said before, ancient Egypt is the theme here. It is a Gothic and dark version of it as well. We haven't seen any other Egyptian themed game quite like it. It's somewhat like a gritty Egypt set at night, which we find visually appealing.

Game Design

This game was designed to be fairly simple and straightforward. You have some bonus rounds, and some free spins coming your way, but that is about it. It is a five reel game that does not ask too much of its players. If you can't figure it out based on looking at it, or try one of the free spins in the double mode, then you probably have no hope of navigating the Internet.

Slot Game Type

This is a standard game that runs across five reels and 20 lines. It has no big bonuses, and lacks a progressive jackpot. Ething else is what you were come to expect from an innovative development team. You can bet up to $20, and the coin sizes go as low as you would need and as high as you would like. There are a few people that we think will find this game complicated, as the bonus rounds are fairly simple.

The only prizes we can identify for the bonus rounds are free spins. That's better than nothing!

Game RTP

As determined and insured by an independent audit board, the return to player of this game is around the industry standard of 96%. This means that should you spin long enough, you have a 96% chance of winning something. This won't necessarily be the jackpot, but it will be something that you will probably enjoy!

Slot Game Rating

We would rate this game as suitable for almost any age group, although to gamble on the Internet you need to be a certain age at minimum. We would rate it in terms of popularity highly as well. Among the Egyptian themed games, there are probably none that are quite as popular as this one.

Slot Game Winners

If you are a lucky winner of one of the many bonuses on this game, your name will be plastered along with the game itself on the website. This let you know that there are real people out there running real money on the slot machines. If not for that, we could forgive you for thinking that you were just throwing money out there into the Internet. Seeing who actually want to be able to identify them as a real person goes along way towards building trust, as well as ensuring that the games themselves are fair.

Play for Fun

If you don't want to put any money down on the game, demo mode offers an instant play feature that requires no monetary investment. The second the game loads, and not a moment before, you can start playing and seeing what it has to offer. It functions much like a free arcade. How much you enjoy this will depend on how much you like wedding money versus how much you simply like slot machine games, but we think that it all the time compared to other games of similar genres.

Play for Real Money

If you want to win real money, that's an option on the table here. You can put down almost any amount that you would like, and get something in return. Because the return to player is the industry standard, you know that you will not be throwing money out and away. You have a real chance to win. We recommend starting small, with a coin size of around one penny. If you want to go up higher for a maximum bet up to $20, that's entirely up to you.

Mobile Play for Android / iOS

You can play this on your mobile device without any issues. If you have an iPhone or an iPad, that is the preferred platform. Any Google device will not be left out, however. Android devices play just as well here, and we had no performance detriments when trying them out. You can play on the go wherever you like. As long as you have an Internet connection, the game is going to run wonderfully. Even if it does it, if you are in demo mode, all you need to do is load it and you are good to go for as long as the app stays open.